Third Annual Florida Interfaith
Climate Action Network Assembly
April 28-29, 2017
First United Methodist Church
142 E Jackson St
Orlando FL 32801
* The Floridan Aquifer — source of our springs and our drinking water — is closer than we think. Like a great hidden sponge, that mass of wet rock beneath our feet is the very foundation of Florida’s ecological and economic well-being. Out of sight, it delivers its bounty too often out of mind.  Simply put, the Floridan Aquifer is the everyday miracle we value too lightly. It’s all connected. What we put in our water, we put in ourselves. Those are words to live by, Florida.

Convener: Florida Council of Churches
and partners.

  1. Furthering a FL Water Ethic / Earth Charter
  2. Nurturing Bio Regional Collaborations
  3. FL Legislative Contributions
  4. Earth Day Opportunities
  5. Ongoing networking via FL-CAN (Climate Action Network)
Friday, April 28, 9 AM Registration Check-in
Friday, April 28, 10 AM John Moran, Springs Eternal Project
Voice and visions in support of FL’s unique and irreplaceable springs – the largest and most impressive array of freshwater springs on the planet

Friday, April 28

  • Cameo presentations on workshops
  • Lunch
  • Workshop Sessions
  • Dinner
  • Narratives


Deep Dive into Water Issues Affecting Florida

Bio-regional dinner gatherings

Storytelling around the ‘campfire’

Saturday, April 29 Orlando People’s Climate March