Florida is still home to the largest and most impressive array of freshwater springs on the planet.

John Moran, co-founder of the Springs Project, will open the Third Annual Florida Interfaith Climate Action Network Assembly on Friday, April 28, at 10:00 am. The assembly is being held at First United Methodist Church, downtown Orlando. It is open to all people of faith and good will who will to take action for securing the wellbeing of the environment which sustains us and all life. The public may register just for John Moran’s presentation.


A program with John Moran
Co-director, Springs Eternal Project

As our waters go, so goes Florida.

Although vital to the ecological and economic health of Florida, our waters are imperiled—by pollution, neglect and the groundwater demands of a thirsty state.

Join us for a frank and engaging discussion with nature photographer John Moran, whose career as an artist and journalist spans more than 30 years.

Moran’s evolving programs focus on Florida’s iconic springs as a case study for exploring the larger topic of water, democracy and Florida’s future. Combining superb photography with stirring commentary, Moran argues there can be no longterm wellbeing in Florida unless we embrace a new way of thinking about water—mindful that tomorrow’s Florida is being shaped by the choices we make today.

Seeking to show and tell the truth more fully as he sees it, Moran partnered with artist and art historian Dr. Lesley Gamble in 2012 to create the Springs Eternal Project.

Their collaboration fills museum walls, educates decision makers and develops creative outreach inspiring Floridians to value, conserve and restore our precious waters.

Moran’s speaking programs, detailing a photographer’s search for the soul of Florida, have been presented to hundreds of civic, professional and educational gatherings from Pensacola to Key West. His programs have been called “exquisite,” “lyrical,” “eye-opening” and “like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Learn more at JohnMoranPhoto.com.